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Welcome to FOOTNOTES Music Shop

In the shop we have cassettes, CDs and music books.

Some of the books have dance notation and music, and some are music books only.

These are from the West Kirby Country Dance Band Collection - the 'Not Quite' series.

Here is a complete list of these recordings:

Not Quite Playford
Still Not Quite Playford
Again Not Quite Playford
Playford Plus
Not Quite Shaw
Not Quite Dutch
Not Quite New
Not Quite Gold
Not Quite The Same
Not Quite The 2 Of Us
Also available on CD

Music Supplement
This is a music book which contains the music for the first three cassettes



2.00 + 75p (p&p)
3.00 + 75p (p&p)
3.00 + 75p (p&p)
4.50 + 75p (p&p)
4.50 + 75p (p&p)
4.50 + 75p (p&p)
4.50 + 75p (p&p)
4.50 + 75p (p&p)

3.50 + 75p (p&p)
As well as the 'Not Quite' series, there are several other albums, which are:

Flowers of the Manor - The dances and music of John Ritchie
CD 12.50 + 1 (p&p)

From Two Barns Vol 9 - A collection of dances and music researched by Ken Sheffield
CD 12.50; Cassette 8.00; Book 4.50 + 1 (p&p)

Sue and John Play From Two Barns Vol 10
CD 12.50 + 1 (p&p); Book & Suppliment 4.50 + 1

Cook's Tour - A collection of dances and music researched by Tom Cook.
CLICK HERE to download a sample mp3
CD 12.50; Book 4.50 + 75p (p&p)

The Dances of Brian Wedgebury
CD 14.00; Book 6.00 + 2.00 (p&p)

All items listed above can be ordered from Sue at FOOTNOTES.

Other albums available from FOOTNOTES Music Shop are:

The Lowlands Fiddle Band - Irish Traditional Music From Liverpool
CLICK HERE to download a sample mp3
CD 8.00 + 1.00 (p&p). Proceeds go to the Linda McCartney Cancer Centre

This is a listening album (not suitable for dancing). 10 tracks of Jigs 'n' Reels, Slides, Hornpipes 'n' Polka's. Foot tapping music played by a 10 (plus) piece Irish Ceili Band.

The CDs are available from Sue at FOOTNOTES.

The following items are produced by the country dance band, 'John Bull' and are available through Sue at Footnotes:

'BASKETS AND BANANASKINS', Volumes 1 and 2. Price: 15 each (inc. P&P)
These are resource packs that each contain a book of detailed instructions for some simple but lively country dances, together with a CD of all the music. They are particularly aimed at schools who wish to teach some country dancing to their pupils.

'ALIVE AND KICKING'. Price: 9 (inc.P&P)
This CD is purely for listening to, containing a mixture of 'folk rock' jigs and reels, some slower tunes and several folk songs.

Fiddler Round the Fairy Tree - Sue's solo album of Irish traditional music
CLICK HERE to download a sample mp3
Cassette 10.00; CD 12.00 + 1 (p&p)

This album is for listening and not suitable for dancing. It includes foot tapping jigs 'n' reels, slow airs and hornpipes played by Sue on fiddle / keyboard and concertina.
On this album she is accompanied on some tracks by Brian Jones (of Tom Topping Band fame) on guitar, and Gordon Jones (of Silly Wizard fame) on bodhran.

The cassette or CD can be ordered from Sue at FOOTNOTES.

The Night Dance
Sue Stapledon & Peter Kennedy: The Night Dance - Irish Traditional Music From Liverpool.
14.00 P&P 1.00
15 tracks of Jigs & Reels an Air and some lively Polkas played on Fiddle/Concertina & Guitar.

Invitation to Play - A Book Of Original compositions by Sue Stapledon
9.50 P&P 1.00

Please note that FOOTNOTES will be updating the shop as new music and albums come in.

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