FOOTNOTES Ceilidh and Barn Dance Agency

Hi and welcome to FOOTNOTES Ceilidh and Barn Dance Agency!

Sue Stapledon I would like to introduce myself to you...

My name is Sue and I am a musician. I play piano/keyboard, fiddle and English concertina.

The music I play is mainly English country dance music (not to be confused with American Line Dancing). I also have a great love of Irish and Scottish traditional music and Celtic music.

I have been a musician for many years, playing in my Fathers Country Dance Band since the age of ten. I started out on the guitar, accordion, then progressed to piano.

I am also a classically trained musician and have a music teaching diploma. I have been a music teacher for over twenty years, teaching piano and violin in schools and privately. However I have a keen interest in traditional music - classical came later!

As well as being a musician, I am a keen country dancer. I started out as a dancer but playing 'took over'. I enjoy English country dancing, Scottish country dancing and my latest form of dance is Middle Eastern dancing. The music being a big draw but totally different but still another kind of folk music.

I play in various different set ups, my main one being as accompanist on keyboard in the West Kirby country dance band. Amongst the musicians I work with include playing as a duo (on fiddle) with Denis Smith (piano accordion). We play at the Belstead House Summer School in Ipswitch led by Ron Coxall. This is an annual event for us. Some of our other events include Whitby Folk Festival and occasionally for Saturday night dances around the country.

As I mentioned earlier, I also play Irish / Scottish music. I play in another duo - fiddle / keyboard and piano accordion for Scottish / Irish ceilidh dancing.

I also teach a group of Irish musicians in Liverpool at the Lowlands community centre. This is a night school class but sometimes we go out as a band. We are known as the Lowlands Fiddle Band.

Recently I became involved with playing for English barn dance again. This has taken me back to my roots as I used to play mainly for barn dancing many years ago. Playing for English country dance took over big time but its also good to get back to my roots again.

In fact, although my main work is with West Kirby Band, I'm a freelance musician and work with anyone who needs a piano / keyboard or fiddle player.

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